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The Committee for an American Guyana is dedicated to educating all Americans and Guyanese about Guyana. We believe that achieving the status of statehood or commonwealth is in the best interests of all the people of the United States and the relatively small number of people remaining in Guyana.

American and Guyanese people who understand the shortcoming of the "independent" status of Guyana, overwhelmingly support closer ties between America and Guyana and the eventual incorporation of Guyana into the USA!

In order to permit the people of Guyana the opportunity to voice their opinion on the issue of an American Guyana, a referendum on an American Guyana must be held in Guyana as soon a possible.

Thereafter, the government of Guyana could petition the US Congress for admission into the Union as a state, commonwealth, territory or possession of the USA.

Then, and only then, could the US Congress establish a framework for statehood, commonwealth or other alternative. After that, the Congress could implement a specific timetable for action.

The US Congress can only act on the referendum after the Guyanese people have voted for incorporation into the United States of America!

The United States will benefit by the addition of Guyana, roughly the size of Great Britain, to its territory and the people of Guyana would benefit by becoming American citizens!

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