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  • Volunteer to help The Committee for an American Guyana!
  • In Guyana, tell your family, friends, business associates and political officials, regardless of party affiliation about and urge the political party of your choice to be resolute and unequivocal in their total acceptance of an American Guyana petition to be submitted to the US Congress in the near future.
  • In the USA, e-mail your Senators and Representatives and ask for their support for an American Guyana.
  • Get your local civic, political and religious group to adopt resolutions in support of an American Guyana.
  • Volunteer to help with activities in support of an American Guyana.
  • Invite a speaker from The Committee for Guyana USA! to address your local civic, political or religious group!
  • Become a member of The Committee for an American Guyana!
  • In Guyana, get your local official to submit legislation in the "Parliament" in support of an American Guyana!
  "An American Guyana" must be included in the platform of every political party in Guyana. A referendum on the issue must be held in Guyana as soon as possible.

When the goal of statehood or American Commonwealth is achieved, the people remaining in Guyana would be safe and secure. Furthermore, they would be free in their lives, and able to pursue liberty and happiness as set forth in America's Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States, upon which it is based!
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